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Re: Punk Aid Cancelled ???
This is really stupid. We were finally free of our commitment on March 19th which was stopping us going to Punk Aid, and really excited about going again.

Within half an hour, we found out that it had been cancelled and the very next morning we received the flyers from Pontins!

I know the "organisers" try to be all punk and uncommercial, but surely even they knew that to take a decision like that THE DAY BEFORE a bunch of direct mailed letters and flyers hit the doorsteps of INTERESTED PEOPLE was one of the stupidest things they could do.

I volunteered to help out Punk Aid twice and never received so much as an email back. Maybe they dont want a professional journalist doing PR for them. Perhaps they would rather do next to no promotion and have no one book so they have to cancel at the last minute. The kiddies wouldn't get any benefit, but at least the organisation wouldn't lose punk credibility.

@#%$ off,>:

Twinkle x
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