The complete, unedited tale of The Feratu. (beatnick138) wrote in damnedneatnoise,
The complete, unedited tale of The Feratu.

My DAMNED collection.

I was bored today, so I took a picture of all of the items in my Damned collection with my digital camera. I came to find that I have 66 items in my Damned collection, including all the albums with the side projects (Phantom Chords, Lords of  The New Church, etc.). I was surprised there were so many!

This is probably going to kill my bandwidth for Photobucket, but I'm bored and I can always get another account or something if it does. Anyhow, beneath the cut are the photos of my Damned collection that has been years in the making. Those of you with slow connections, be careful.

Section One: Damned studio album cd's

The 25th anniversary edition of Machine Gun Etiquette.

This is a special edition of Strawberries issued by Cleopatra with a bunch of bonus tracks.

This is the regular version of Strawberries which I brought a few years prior.


Section two: Damned live cd's


Section three: Damned compilations, remixes and single cd's

This one is the first Damned album I ever bought and it's still my all time favorite. The Limit Club is my favorite Damned ever.

My little neice scribbled all over this one a few years ago.


Section four: Damned member side project cd's


Section five: Damned and side project 7 inch vinyl


Section six: Damned 10 inch vinyl


Section seven: Damned 12 inch vinyl


Section eight: Damned member side project 12 inch vinyl


Section nine: Damned official biographies (there's only one, baby)


And that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed my collection.

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umm...can i have it?
Oh sure, why not.

And by that, I mean "no".

you are my Damned God
oh and I see you like Amoeba ;)
Yeah, I do like Amoeba. They're right down the street and they have EVERYTHING. So I spend a lot of time there after payday.


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

I have many that you didn't take pictures of ..but that does not stop me from wanting about half of those which you did take pictures of grrr
That's what I find great about the Damned. They have such an expansive group of albums that you can count on finding new stuff all the time. Although it is starting to get harder to see anything out of the ordinary. There are some in the stores that I jsut refuse to buy because it simply isn't worth the cash to have an album with the same old songs and different cover art. But one day I'll be a millionaire and I'll go around and fill in all those holes.

One day.

Deleted comment

Of course! I actually have several autographed things by the Captain and Dave, but I'd always be willing to add more stuff to it.

Let me know more specifically what you have your eye on and we can probably arrange a trade. What do you say?



13 years ago

Great collection. How long has it taken for you build that up???
Years upon years as I am now an old man of age 72.

No actually it only took about six or seven years.
WOW I'm green with envy of your collection (well some of them as I have most of the major albums:))
Well thanks very much.
Very nice, indeed!

I am huge Damned collector myself, however I don't go as crazy as I once did.

Thanks for sharing your collection - and for making me feel like I am not alone when it comes to "gotta have all things 'Damned'" :)
You're very welcome. It's always good to know there's another fanatic out there.
do you know where to get any posters of The Damned? let me know asap. i couldnt find any on the site, apparently right now they have no merchandise. thanks
I haven't found any in my travails across the internet. I usually find some good stuff on eBay.
Ive never heard the Grim X 5 album.Is there a grimly fiendish album out that has a warning lable on it?
I've never seen one with a warning label. I can't think of a reason that there would be a warning label on one either. The song doesn't have profanity or anything. Or maybe I just haven't been paying attention.

Re: grim x 5


12 years ago