Loopy (l00py_l0rna) wrote in damnedneatnoise,

Patricia Morrison interview

As seen on uk_goth_music


Ms Patricia Morrison has an interview in the following fanzine's first issue....

To get a copy send a Postal Order for £1.25 (or well concealed cash) plus an A5 SAE to:

El Diablo
27 Gibson St,
KA1 2RQ,

I'm going to order a couple of copies tomorrow. Plus the other bands featured I have seen a couple of and they're rather good so it will be good to read about them too.

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So what's happening with Pat? She wasn't playing bass on the last tour and she's not on the Machine Gun Etiquette 25th Anniversary DVD. Have I missed something? Has she left the band? My stupid computer won't let me click on the link!
I think she has more or less left the band now to look after their little girl, Emily. Stu West is the new bassist :) Lx
OH MY GOD I didn't know her & Dave had had a kid! Cuuuuuuuute! Thanks for getting me up to speed!
That's her now 2 :)

From officialdamned.com archives

"Emily Vanian born Feb 9th at 8:20 pm back to top
February 19th, 2004
Emily Vanian born Feb 9th at 8:20 pm weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces.

Both Patricia and David are thrilled with their daughter. As soon as she was born they put her in Davids arms and her eyes were very bright and fully open looking at DV. Not sure who she looks like - "I think David and he thinks me" says Patricia. "He has a widows peak though!"

Patricia has specifically asked me to thank everyone for their kind gifts and messages. "Its been overwhelming the support David and I have received from everyone."

So there ya go, it's finally happened. May I publically send the best wishes and congratulations from the army of Damned fans who have enquired about the little Vanian who made it through on 9th Feb 2004.

Patricia will definitely not be doing any shows for quite awhile as she cant drive for two months and can't lift anything including a bass guitar though she is feeling good. The tour below will still go ahead and will feature an as yet unannounced bassist."
Thanks so much for finding this for me. I've not had access to a computer for a while so I've missed a lot of gossip. Sounds like Pat had a caesarian if she couldn't lift anything for a while. I'm really happy they got a little baby bat!